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Free Workshop:
Learn How to Use Microsegmentation to Secure Your Organization

As traditional security perimeters dissolve, the static security controls that secure your organization are becoming more difficult to manage, update and operate. Addressing cybersecurity threats at the pace of business requires a flexible security solution that reduces the attack surface without adding complexity.

The Unisys Stealth® software security suite protects critical assets and prevents insider threats from moving across your network with identity-driven microsegmentation, cryptographically cloaking workloads and encrypting data in motion. Meet with Unisys Stealth experts to learn about a microsegmentation approach that will increase your security posture and help address compliance requirements such as PCI DSS, customized to your interests and needs.

This free 2 hour workshop is delivered on-site or remotely, at a time and place that is convenient for you. You will:

  • Experience a consultative approach to microsegmentation tailored to your needs
  • Gain a deeper understanding of microsegmentation and how it can address your security and compliance goals
  • Get an overview of Stealth™, how it works and what it can do for your organization
  • Explore Stealth(aware) to give you a visual understanding of your enterprise’s network
  • See Stealth in action with applications relevant to your unique business needs

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