Customized Virtual Innovation Workshop: Innovation that Drives the Future of Your Enterprise

The ClearPath Virtual Innovation Workshop increases business value, simplifies implementation, and accelerates your application evolution and digital transformation.

The workshop is a meeting of the minds where you will have a chance to brainstorm with your trusted solution provider to:

  • Customized, collaborative, and thought provoking private virtual workshop is facilitated by trained Unisys personnel and built around a methodology that encourages open collaboration
  • Collaborate with people from different functional areas of your organization – business, IT, operations, and development
  • Discuss the goals you’re looking to achieve and the barriers standing in your way
  • Access a web-based decision-support tool used to capture and categorize ideas based on pre-defined areas
  • Vote on each brainstormed idea to pare down the list to only the concepts and strategies your organization feel are most crucial

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