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Business Resilience: Defining a New Approach to Security

Traditional perimeter defenses are dead and organizations are under greater pressure to embrace new approaches to cyber security that reduce costs, increase ROI and provide business resilience in light of the current climate with Covid-19.

With 2020 being a year for safe bets only, this webinar will reflect on clear trends within the modern security landscape and enable you to define a new approach for security. This will focus on achieving business resilience with:

  • Zero-trust environments through software-defined perimeters that empower network visibility and control
  • Reduced Attack Surfaces (with micro-segmentation, cloaking and e2ee)
  • Real-time response to threats
  • Remote worker capabilities that are secured at scale.

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About the Presenter

JP Cavanna,
Industry Director & Lead Cyber Security Strategist and Evangelist, EMEA
Unisys Corporation

JP JP Cavanna is a passionate cyber security leader with a career that spans 17 years. JP started his career in cyber security in digital forensics with the Metropolitan Police Special Branch in London, before moving to the private sector in 2009. Since then he has held several director positions building and managing cyber professional services businesses in large UK and global organizations across a diverse range of industry sectors. Consequently, he has deep experience in helping clients to create resilient security environments.
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