Why Is Cloud Not Working For You?

Speakers: Dr Tony Parsons

Maximizing Value With AIOps and Digital Service Management

Organizations have been increasingly adopting cloud computing to boost productivity and minimize costs, but managing a hybrid cloud environment can be challenging. To ensure that your IT stack scales with your organization’s needs and goals, you must automate routine tasks and use data to make predictive and prescriptive insights – and AI-led operations (AIOps) does just that. But for AIOps efforts to achieve their full potential, you must effectively bridge the gaps in AI-driven operations. Digital service management is the glue that holds disparate IT services together, moving organizations from a reactive posture to a predictive one. Dr. Tony Parsons, Director Digital Service Management at Unisys, will discuss how digital service management can help your organization efficiently run and manage business processes in the cloud, on premises, or in a hybrid environment. By understanding the core components of a digital services management plan in the context of AIOps, you can create a blueprint for maximizing cloud value.


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