Live Discussion (previously recorded): Taking Charge of Cloud Security Compliance

Now more than ever we continue to hear about cloud security lapses and high-profile breaches in the news. However, if you dig deeper into the details behind each of these breaches, you’d find that many vulnerabilities could have been avoided if the cloud environment was configured according to cloud security best practices.

With many cloud customers lacking the essential tools, knowledge and processes to implement compliance, this discussion will reflect on key industry challenges and set out clear goals that will enable you to start building an effective Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) program. We will cover the following steps as a ‘recipe for success’:

  • Understand the reasons behind unsecure cloud deployments from blind spots to multi-cloud use.
  • Review security compliance and understand the importance of Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) programs.
  • Identify security posture goals across all phases of cloud adoption, including new cloud designs, migrations and operations.
  • Embrace a Zero Trust strategy for cloud with adaptive security that protects your critical assets.

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