Top Ten Tips for Cloud Cost Optimization

Amid uncertain economic conditions and pandemic concerns, you’re probably looking more closely at your IT spending and planning. For good reason. With the explosive use of remote computing, you should probably look more closely at your cloud spending. While your cloud providers might offer cost optimization tools, they don’t offer you concrete methods on how to use them to reduce spending, especially in multi-vendor environments. With increasing potential for cloud waste, how do you best optimize your cloud spend and resources?

From our extensive experience in global IT management, we have found that true cost optimization requires a top-down approach tailored to your specific circumstances. It also requires organizational commitment and discipline.

Get to know what leading experts like Dr. Sally Eaves, Ludmila Morozova-Buss and Ronald Van Loon have to say and help you:

  • Make sure your cloud dollars are prioritized and spent more effectively
  • Stop waste by eliminating abandoned and/or provisioned cloud resources
  • Create a better cloud budgeting process to keep your cloud spending on track

Download our top ten tips guide to help you better optimize costs for your hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

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